It may be helpful to have additional support when working on an issue.  It is known that certain nutritional deficiencies can contribute to issues and that certain herbs and supplements enhance health.  There may be an herbal formula or supplement, a homeopathic remedy a plant based natural hormone cream or probiotic that can be taken long or short term that can help you balance a condition specifically. I will be able to guide you as to what would be the most ideal to take and when. I carry several professional lines of products that I believe represent some of the best and highest quality in the industry.

I use professional lines of the following:
Nutritional Supplements
Homeopathic Combinations
Glandular Therapy
Chinese Herbs
Flower Essences
Natural Hormone Creams

Most of these are available to practitioners only such as:
Evergreen Herbs
KanDeseret Biologicals
Apex Energetics

Patients looking for Direct Access to Supplements Can Create an Account thru the following:

Standard Process
Klaire Labs
Emerson Ecologics

Integrative Essences are my specifically tailored combinations of homeopathic remedies for a patient’s individualized condition that supports whole body healing. Integrative Essences are made up of combinations of Homeopathic remedies and flower essences in specific potencies that promote a specific detoxification pathway for a patient.  They are always combined in supportive ways that honor the synergy of substances and the patients’ constitution.

For instance, a patient or a child who may be dealing with a chronic viral or bacterial issue specific to a body region or organ would be prescribed a nosodal remedy (a homeopathic preparation of the pathogen in question) in a low potency along with a sarcode (homeopathic preparation of the tissue) of the area in question along with supporting remedies that assist in the “clearing” of the infection from the body.  In this way the specificity of the action is amplified and the body can summon the vital force to respond to the exact nature of the imbalance.

For more info on Homeopathy, see my article on Homeopathy and Healing.

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