Adrenal Fatigue Support Kit

Adrenal Fatigue Support Kit

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Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, have a short fuse with everyone, no energy and cant relax? You probably have some degree of adrenal fatigue. My adrenal fatigue kit addresses all the key components that you need to nourish and repair adrenals. Start your day with vitamins and minerals, herbs and enzymes that nourish and energize without jitters. Calm and refresh with an afternoon blend of adaptogenic herbs that and stabilize the afternoon slump. Support yourself thru the day with an easy to take homeopathic medicine that helps balance cortisol levels, keep you focused and supports emotional wellbeing. A calming and centering aromatherapy blend for use on pressure points adds to the healing. This unique combo of support works and is safe while breastfeeding. If your nervous system is on overload so is your child’s. Consult Dr. Deanine Picciano for use during pregnancy. Comes with Dr Deanine’s tips for healing your nervous system.

There is a vegan option as well with without glandulars.


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