Divine Feminine Clarity-6 week Coaching Program




Find out what you need to get well, feel well and balance your hormones and learn the art and science of cycle mapping over 6 weeks.

Perhaps you could use a bit more support after our initial session.  You now know more about your health focus and what you need to do to stay in balance but now what?  Give yourself a gift that will take you to the next level. Let me coach and keep you on track for a full menstrual/ lunar cycle and anchor your new tools for healing and self-discovery.  This helps women navigate some times of the month that may be problematic, dial in their specific supplement and nutritional program  and helps you identify “blind spots”.  Learn what your body is communicating to you!  Let us upgrade your health, intuition, and hormones together.

*The program includes your at-home daily hormone checker.
* Weekly check-ins and customized support to guide you on your transformation each week.

*A Cycle Mapping workbook, Complete List of Foods and supplements, self-care for each phase as a handy reference. Dr. Deanine’s informative handouts, meditations and your personal tips for each phase.

*Set weekly obtainable goals and know exactly what herbs, supplements and foods to eat to support your healing process for optimal health and hormone balance.

*Learn how to align your goals, intentions and focus with the moon and how to reconnect to your divine feminine.

*Participants will have full access to functional medical testing and receive 10% off all supplement recommendations in the program.

*Testing fees are not included in this program.

Women of all ages and hormonal stages will benefit from this unique personalized experience of being guided over a 1 full menstrual cycle. Let’s get YOU Reconnected with your divine feminine, your hormones and learn the art and science of cycle mapping that will last you a lifetime!

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