Flower Power Hormone Balancing Creams




Feel like you need a super hit of hormone balance? If you have bad skin, acne, breast soreness, irritability, infertility, and bad PMS you may need progesterone. If you feel dry, have hot flashes, irregular ovulation or a low sex drive you may need estrogen support.
Plant based hormone nourishing skin creams are perfect for additional balance during specific phases of the month.
These are my 2 favorites. One for phase 2 (Follicular Phase after Bleeding to ovulation) and for phase 4 (Luteal Phase pre-menstrual).  These plant based creams help to balance what you already have happening in your body safely and and simply.
These also come with a free copy of my E book-The Feminine Reconnection-containing tips for balancing your hormones with foods, herbs and self care at certain times of the month.

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