Graceful Labor Support Kit

Graceful Labor Support Kit


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If you want to have a few powerful things to help yourself progress into the most natural labor possible then this is perfect for you. This kit includes a chart of the most important acupressure points that can naturally induce calm, promote uterine contractions and promote labor progression. Apply my unique roll on aromatherapy blend to the points and learn which techniques are best to do on your own or with a partner. Included is a classical homeopathic remedy that has been used to help increase and sustain contractions. This homeopathic is safe to use for VBAC birth. Unlike traditional herbals these remedies can be used before labor and also when labor begins. An herbal blood tonic blend is also included that contains angelica, motherwort and licorice to support oxytocin production, calm and balance the body. Included are Dr. Deanine’s tips for a natural labor and birth, getting centered and what makes labor start and flow.


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