Simple Cycle Female Balance Kit




Feeling terrible, irritable and exhausted right before your period? Just want to keep things predictable and running smooth? Bloating, skin breakouts and PMS can be avoided! Get control of your cycle with my basic 2 phase remedy kit. These 2 formulas, taken at specific “phases” of your cycle, easily balance hormones and eliminate the dreaded symptoms of PMS. My chart and handout help you to understand the wisdom of your menses, determine your key energy phases and more deeply understand what is happening physically, hormonally and emotionally during the month in the simplest of terms. Dietary, lifestyle and special secret tips from Dr. Deanine will get things running smooth. This kit includes my Menstrual Wisdom tips, handy chart of key acupressure points, two herbal formulas in tablet form, my aromatherapy balance blend and my Integrative Essences homeopathic remedy to take under the tongue when you need extra balance. Each bottle lasts approx. 2-4 cycles.

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