Divine Feminine Transformation-3 Month Coaching Program with Hormone Panel


$1,575.00 $1,475.00



If you desire to naturally heal, keep your hormones balanced and be your best goddess self?  If so, I will be your guide and coach over the next 3 months as we move you thru your menstrual cycle together, identify your physical and energetic blind spots, explore, transform and heal limiting beliefs and keep you in alignment with your divine feminine self.
Women of all ages and hormonal stages will benefit from this unique personalized experience of being guided over a cycle of 3 moons by Dr. Deanine as she focuses on supporting you in being your best self.

Discover your innate healing power, how to align your daily choices to balance specific hormones. Connect to the wisdom of the lunar cycle for healing thru the art and science of cycle mapping.
Know exactly what to do each day, when to take herbs, supplements and when and why to implement specific self care.  Learn how to read, understand and deeply transform your relationship to your hormones and cycle by learning how to flow from one “season” to the next. Bring balance to your body, mind and spirit and deepen your connection to your divine self.


*The program includes biweekly calls and weekly support to guide you on your transformation.

*A Cycle Mapping workbook, all of Dr. Deanine’s informative handouts, meditations and self care tips specific to YOU.

*Set weekly obtainable goals and know exactly what herbs, supplements and foods to eat during each of the phases for optimal hormone balance.

*Learn how to integrate yoga, self massage, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, meditation and Chinese medicine specifically for YOUR healing.

*Participants will have full access to functional medical testing during the program.  Review of results takes place during the biweekly call.

*Complete Hormone Panel with 3 SNPS to determine MTHFR, COMT & CYB1B1 included with the program.
Hormone testing review is included in the program.

*10% all supplement recommendations as they go through the program.

Are you irritable and exhausted right before your period?
Do skin breakouts and PMS have you searching for answers?
Do you dread the return of your period or feel lost in regards to how to feel your very best or stay in balance?
Are you peri-menopausal or menopausal and need help navigating new territory?
Have you been given a diagnosis of infertility, endometriosis or other health challenge?
Do you want to prepare your body for pregnancy, IVF or IUI, gracefully transition into menopause or bounce back faster after childbirth?
Do you feel overwhelmed with life, your hormones, goals and responsibilities and desire a deep transformation?

If so, this program is perfect for you. I would love to be your coach and partner in this journey!

Let get YOU Reconnected!

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