Whole Cycle Female Balance Kit

Whole Cycle Female Balance Kit


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Feel like you’re cycle is too long, totally all over the place, bleeding forever and have poor predictable ovulation, PMS, cysts and endometriosis? Did you know that the quality of your bleeding, post bleed time and ovulation are all interconnected and contribute to how you experience menopause? Do you want to coast into menopause with “coolness” and grace? With my super 4 phase program you have herbal support for all 4 phases of your period to get everything running smoothly. If you feel your cycles over the place this program will help you rain it in and get things running like clockwork. Not only is it my number one choice to treat and fertility and promote egg health, it helps to regulate even women who feel they just want to do the best for their bodies. This program is my personal favorite. I take them every month. Why not just get it all fine tuned and treat yourself with the best. Herbs come in capsules which may be made as a tea or swallowed with water. Comes with my handout “The Feminine Reconnection” to teach you about your menstrual wisdom, menses chart, an aromatherapy herbal roll on and daily use homeopathic drops.


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