“I originally came to Dr. Deanine with the intention of trying to have a baby.  My first session was magical! I was brought closer to myself and to my inner physician. I went on a journey through my body and realized issues and other areas in my body that needed much more attention.

Dr. Deanine, far reaches beyond any of my “Hospital Physicians” care and services.  Her visits give me the awareness of my own body, and that is huge to me.

My sessions with her give my body, awareness, maintenance, and personal care, that everyday life distracts and clouds what is going on in my body and in the life I create.”

– Angela, Sarasota FL

“Thank you Dr. Deanine for your wonderful treatment with Arvigo Mayan Massage for my bladder control issues. I was amazed at how quickly it had a positive effect  – after one treatment I doing much better with only 2 very small issues that first week. After doing the massage to myself for that week and with your 2nd treatment, I have had no accidents at all. I’m amazed! I’m thrilled! And I’ve told all my friends as so many women have this problem. You are wonderful and I’m glad I found you. Thank you again. I’m a believer.”

– KLC, Ft Myers FL

“Dr. Deanine is an amazing acupuncturist and body worker. She is able to treat my body, clear my mind and nurture my soul using: acupuncture, craniosacral and massage therapy. She is an exceptional doctor of Chinese medicine and in my opinion a true healer.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  There’s allot more to health than just working out and eating right. “

– Yvette Bernosky C.P.T.
Owner of Yvette’s Health & Fitness

“You are an amazing acupuncturist.  I can’t believe I had my baby 45 minutes after leaving your office.  Thank you so much!”

– RH, Sarasota, FL

“Deanine is amazing, she totally helped me with chronic pain I had since childbirth that I had been to many doctors and people for and got no where.  After 1 session I has a break thru and understood where my pain was coming from.  We discovered a place in my body that had been holding a lot of fear and anger about my birth experience and I was able to let it go.  Thank you so much for helping me.  I am truly grateful.”

– Sarasota, FL

“After trying to get pregnant for 2 years after a miscarriage and being told by even other holistic practitioners that I would never get pregnant, I finally considered acupuncture after a friend recommended Dr. Deanine who helped her.  In 4 months I was pregnant and 9 months later I delivered a healthy baby girl.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs help with fertility and pregnancy.  I also was nervous that I would miscarry again so I had monthly sessions to keep me balanced and it also helped me be less fearful of what might happen.”

– St Petersburg, FL

“At first I didn’t think I needed any thing during my pregnancy and a friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Deanine.  I was amazed how much better and more comfortable and connected to my baby I felt after my session.  Things I thought were to be expected during pregnancy like minor back discomfort and tiredness are not with me anymore.  I am so glad that I am able to have the awareness of my body in a new way before I give birth.  I feel more empowered and centered about giving birth at home.”

– Sarasota, FL

“Before the first visit I had no idea what to expect.  I do know that my lower back and legs were hurting and my feet were really swollen.  My neck and shoulders were hurting. During treatment the sore areas were massaged and needles were inserted at the pressure points, which I barely felt.  The day after the first treatment I was able to walk 6/10 of a mile with less pain in my legs and feet and my shoulders and back didn’t hurt they did prior to the treatment.  After the second treatment I was able to walk a mile and 2/10 at a faster pace with less pain and swelling in my legs and feet.  I still have some pain in my lower back and feet but I am looking forward to my next treatment.”

– RT Pennsylvania

“I have been having sciatic pain on my left side down my leg for over a year.  I had been going to a chiropractor to get relief.  It helped a little and then it would return.  After my first acupuncture treatment there was some relief of my sciatic and I had no leg cramps that night which was a first in a long time. After my second treatment there was no pain in to my foot.  I am even able to take a shower in the morning with out pain.”

– Longboat Key, FL

“I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I needed to have laparoscopy to remove the scar tissue.  I always had issues with my period and thought there was something wrong with me.  After 1 session with Deanine, I realized where my uterus is and how to care for myself with Maya Abdominal Massage.  She gave me herbs to take during my period, after and before my period that really helped me even with my PMS and was surprised at how much less painful my periods were after only one month.  I am grateful to have such good results and now know how to keep my body in balance thanks to Dr. Deanine. She helped me listen to and understand my body in a way I didn’t know how to before.”

– Sarasota, FL

“Wanted to tell u again-I had a great time and learned a lot this past weekend, and before I took this class I had a UTI and as of this morning its GONE! I am a true believer that this works!!!! Thanks for everything!! “

“Hello Dr. Deanine,
I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the summer. Thank you so much for the incredible Pregnancy Massage course I attended in May. Your lectures were not only informative, but helped add to my skills as an LMT. I really appreciated how knowledgeable and passionate you are about our field. There’s no doubt that any future classes I take to improve my techniques, and renew my certificate, will be taken with you in Sarasota. For now, my husband and I are preparing to welcome our newest addition to the family. She should be arriving sometime this week, but I wanted to reach out to you before things got a bit hectic around here. Anyway, thanks again and best of health to you and yours.
Sincere regards,