Essential Hormone Wisdom For Women

Did you know there are 4 hormonal themes or “phases” that occur during a menstrual cycle every month?   Each phase has a particular hormone that is dominant and is prime for balancing every 28-30 days.  These hormones are strongly influenced by foods, supplements, herbs and self-care and can be balanced or thwarted by the simple choices that are made everyday.  For example it is ideal to support healthy estrogen production during the first half of the cycle and progesterone in …Read More

5 Tips to Naturally Heal During the Postpartum Phase


5 Tips to Naturally Heal During the Postpartum Phase Do you know how to naturally heal and support your body during the postpartum phase? Healing from the birth, adjusting to a new sleep cycle, getting back in shape, breastfeeding or addressing health challenges that existed before or during pregnancy are some of the concerns most moms have.  This post birth phase sets the foundation for physical, mental and emotional well being for years to come. The 3 trimesters of the …Read More

Postpartum Healing-The Fourth Trimester

3 Tips to Naturally Loose Weight, Get your belly back and to balance your hormones and feel your best in the postpartum phase. After birth most women are eager to to claim their bodies back and feel good.   They are ready to feel better, look like they did before pregnancy or even address some health issues in ways they felt they were limited to addressing during pregnancy.  Things like doing a detox, loosing weight, taking certian herbs or dealing …Read More

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu-Treatment and Prevention

natural cold and flu remedies

What are the best natural remedies for treatment and prevention of the dreaded cold and flu?  What do you do about a sore throat, body aches and cough. Which remedies are safest for babies and children, and breastfeeding? Is there a secret natural cold remedy or cure? Should you get the flu shot or are there alternatives?   Is there anything else you can do to assure not getting sick this season or if you do, how can you get …Read More

5 Tips for a Natural Labor and Birth

More and more families aspire to have a natural birth and drug free labor. Incorporating Yoga, essential oils, homeopathy and acupressure can be tools to help you have the most natural support possible.  If you are attempting a VBAC (Natural Birth After Cesarean) or have any high risk conditions-it may necessitate where or how you will be able to have your baby (hospital, home or birth center), you still may be a candidate for a natural (induction or medication free) …Read More