Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota

Whole Person Healing

“The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.”

You are a whole person and deserve a whole person approach to healing and healthcare.  Most people intuitively know that things going on with their health are connected in some way, even though they are not often validated by traditional practitioners.   They know they are receiving fragmented care and deserve more. Whether you are looking to co-manage a condition or diagnosis, embark on a more integrative path of health or be treated in a more compassionate way- I am here to help you with my whole person approach to healing.

By helping you understand your body and what it needs to be in balance, you can achieve a lifetime of wellness and health-physically and emotionally. I believe that when the body is not stressed on the physical, chemical, energetic, spiritual and emotional levels-many symptoms and conditions improve or disappear.  Finding what piece is stressed and needs balance is the goal of my work with patients.  I specialize in patients with chronic, complex and traditionally “undiagnosed” issues who are challenged with less than optimal health especially after a variety of avenues have been exhausted.   If you are looking for an integrative health care ally, I welcome the opportunity to work with you and offer the following in my practice: