Meridian Fascial Cupping

Meridian Fascial Cupping

Shiatsu, Gua-Sha and CuppingThis class has is ideal for LMTS and APS looking for an effortless method of treating pain and blocked energy in a powerful way.

This course presents the valuable and ancient techniques of Meridian massage (Shiatsu), Gua Sha and cupping.  This class is ideal for LMTS and APs looking for treatment solutions for chronic pain and who want to work with a larger energetic view of the body. Shiatsu-translated as finger pressure, is a method of working with the fascial rivers of the acupuncture meridians.  The therapist will learn shiatsu techniques to liberate the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians on the treatment table.  We will focus on the Yang meridians (Bladder, Stomach and Gallbladder, Large Intestine channels) in this course.  Gua Sha- a simple scraping technique performed on the skin, is useful for addressing symptoms of the common cold, and pain and reveals deeper patterns of imbalance in the fascia. Cupping, the application of a glass or plastic jar (both will be shown) used to provide suction, is a technique used to draw and remove blockages from the fascia and meridian channels. The unique combination of Gua Sha and cupping together in the treatment of chronic and stubborn pain patterns is the gem of this course. It is so effective and effortless, most practitioners find it unnecessary to use needles, employ traditional NMT strategies, or strain themselves with deep tissue methods.  Dr Deanine’s unique combination of these techniques saves time, money, and energy and at the same time- delivers powerful and lasting results. This course presents the following:

*  Basic techniques for working with the meridians with a client on the table.

*  Learn indications and contraindications for treating chronic pain, injuries, and scar tissue with meridian fascial cupping.

*  Understand the deeper-physical and energetic factors contributing to pain patterns.

*  Become familiar with Gua sha and cupping tools available on the market.

* Learn what has been revealed from the Gua sha treatment and how it guides your treatment plan.

* Outline the most popular topical liniments, oils, and balms used to supplement pain relief.

* Perform hands-on practice, lots of exchange, and tools of the trade for purchase.

Course Fee: $185

Each participant will receive a Gua Sha tool and 2 glass cups and linament as part of the tuition.
Additional Glass cups and plastic Cupping sets are available for purchase.  Find out more info here: Cupping Set Information

Find out course details on what to bring to the class and where to stay in Sarasota here: MFC Registration Confirmation

Payment plans are available.
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Sunday-January 28th, 2024  9-5 pm in Sarasota.

Saturday-July 13th, 2024 9-5pm in Sarasota.

Email: [email protected] to register

Contact Dr. Deanine to register or set up a payment plan at  [email protected]

The class is Sunday 9-5 pm and is 8 CEUS both Florida and NCBTMB.

If you are looking to deliver powerful and lasting results to all of your clients, this class is for you.

FL Course #20-403084 FL Provider #50-496
NCBTMB Approved Provider #451384-10
Sarasota, FL