Meridian Energy Flow-Fundamentals of Oriental Bodywork

Meridian Energy Flow-Fundamentals of Oriental Bodywork

This course presents the valuable and ancient techniques of Meridian massage (Shiatsu).  This class is ideal for LMTS looking for treatment solutions for chronic pain and who want to work with a larger energetic view of the body. Shiatsu-translated as finger pressure, is a method of working with the fascial rivers of the acupuncture meridians.  The therapist will learn shiatsu techniques to liberate the flow of energy in the 12 regular meridians on the treatment table.  We will focus on the Yin Meridians and remaining Yang meridians not covered in MFC (Meridian Fascial Cupping).  We will explore your energetic blocks and learn a method of energy clearing thru breath work and Qi Gong for self care and personal power.

*  Understand the 5 flows of energy, 5 elements and the physiology of breathing and how it relates to health.

*  Learn basic techniques for working with the meridians with a client on the table.

*  Learn indications and contraindications for treating a client with Shiatsu.

*  Understand the 5 Elements/5 Colors/5 Sounds and smells and deeper-physical and energetic factors
contributing to energy blockage patterns.

*  Become familiar with Acupressure points and how to treat deficiency and excess patterns.

* Learn what signs and symptoms a person displays and what meridians/elements/organs may be


* Learn basic Qi Gong exercises for self care and energy evaluation

* Lots of hands on practice and trades.

DATES: Sunday-August 28th, 2022
Course Fee: $155 8 hands on CEUS
This class follows Meridian Fascial Cupping and is a perfect addition to that class.  It can be taken first or after the cupping course.

Please wear comfortable clothing, loose pants recommended.  Bring 2 flat sheets and a pillowcase.

Payment plans are available.
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The class is 8 CEUS and is $155
Saturday,-November 20th, 2022

FL Course #20-67360  FL Provider #50-496