Integrative Pregnancy Massage Certification-18 CEUS

Integrative Pregnancy Massage Certification-18 CEUS

Live Class for LMTS and Acupuncturists

Integrative Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Certification for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Doulas

Integrative Pregnancy Massage is a certification course for massage therapists, acupuncturists and allied health care providers interested in the integrative techniques of massage and bodywork. The course begins with an in depth analysis of the anatomy and physiology of preconception, each trimester of pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.  Students will be acquainted with these stages from both a traditional western understanding and an Oriental medical and energetic perspective.  We will examine the history of birth and the delivery methods practiced around the world.  We will explore ways to enhance the pregnancy experience and encourage women to connect with their pregnancy process in the womb thru breath work and abdominal massage methods.

We will discuss the treatment and co-management of common and high-risk conditions, appropriate positioning, props, maintaining records and liability concerns. Participants will become aquainted with the parameters of employing massage modalities such as deep tissue, NMT, hydro and spa therapies, reflexology and acupressure techniques with this population.

Participants will learn methods for integrating essential oils, acupressure points and advanced techniques for the enhancement of their effects in pregnant, laboring and postpartum clients. Participants will be required to both give and receive a side lying massage. Please bring sheets, lotion, and 3 standard pillows.
For more specific details of the course format this will help you: Course-Hotel-Certification Info-IPM

Completion of the 18-hour course, competency in examination, and 3 completed case studies leads to a Certification in Pregnancy Massage and recognition as a qualified practitioner in our database.
Completion and Attendance of Days 1 &  2 of the Live course, competency in examination and 3 completed case studies leads to a Certification in Pregnancy Massage and recognition as a qualified practitioner in our data base.

FL Course #20-10112
FL Provider #50-496
2 day Live Course Fee:  $375  Payment plans are available: Payment Options for CEU Courses

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5 CEU Homestudy Course on the Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage-$125

This course gives you a foundation for understanding the benefits of massage during pregnancy and the anatomical changes that occur over the childbearing year.  The homestudy does not grant a certification in pregnancy massage.  If you wish to pursue a certification the live course is ideal for you.

To sign up for the homestudy, follow the link below and an email will be sent to you with the materials, test and complimentary mini poster and chart of the most important acupuncture points to be avoided during pregnancy or treated to assist labor.

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