Infants & Children

Infants & Children

Infants and ChildrenDid you know that as babies-we are conscious in the womb?  An infant’s physical, spiritual and emotional life begins in the womb, is influenced by the birth process and is nurtured profoundly during the first 3 months of life also known as the 4th trimester.  During the first 7-8 years of their life, many important aspects of immune, sensory and digestive development occur that can be supported and enhanced with massage, CranioSacral therapy, and gentle treatments. Understanding these stages is at the core of the care I offer younger patients in my practice.

Even with the most gentle and peaceful of births, the baby may want to tell their story or have some experienced strain in their body or nervous system that may need to be resolved. CranioSacral therapy adapted for infants is an essential treatment for all babies as the birth experience may have had an effect on the structural aspect of their body and their nervous system.  These issues can affect nursing, latch, digestion, and physical development carry on thru life and may have a subtle effect on what they are experiencing now.  Many mothers tell me their birth stories and they feel that there may be some emotional or spiritual trauma that is affecting their child because of the birth.   Often they are correct, even though their mainstream pediatrician may not agree.   If you have a baby that had a difficult birth or is having trouble breastfeeding and you want to help them in a gentle way-I recommend a session.  Even if you and your baby’s pregnancy and birth were easy and peaceful, I recommend a session before crawling to support you both further.  Often 1 session is beneficial to promote positive change and lifelong results.

Treating kids without acupuncture needles and they love it!My goal is to support your family by providing natural, integrative solutions as your healthcare advocate. I am not an MD and I cannot provide vaccinations or hospital visits at birth. As your child grows and changes their needs will change. I aim to help you understand the changes and teach you about Essential Oils, Herbs, Homeopathy and Massage that will empower your ability to care for your child naturally. I do recommend you have a pediatrician with whom you have established a relationship, who has hospital privileges in addition to my care.  I can offer you local referrals for this.

Seasonal maintenance visits as well as care during times of cough, colds, earaches and other minor issues will give you and your child the best preventative care possible.  I work with your choices to provide the ideal treatments for your child.   I recommend you find out your child’s blood type at birth so that a full understanding of his or her constitution can be supported early on.  My treatments will involve:

Non-needle acupuncture
Homeopathic prescriptions
Herbs and treatments
Cupping and Gua Sha
Craniosacral Therapy

I listen to their lungs, can look in the ears, take a temperature and will always be basing my evaluation on both a traditional and holistic healthcare model.