“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

Everyone wants enough energy to enjoy life.  When energy in the body is flowing optimally, you feel healthy, energized, and can truly heal.  When energy is low-people will feel depressed, tired and feel hopeless.  On the other hand, when energy is excessive, especially in children,  it can lead to ADD, ADHD, aggression, and insomnia. If the energy is leaky or weak-people will catch colds easily or feel overwhelmed by other people easily.  When energy is blocked, it will cause pain.   Our energy affects how we feel about our bodies. If you don’t feel good in your body, or are experiencing pain, it likely is tied to a block or issue with energy.   To help you correct and restore your energy there are two areas I focus on:


Acupuncture is one treatment method that can improve flows of energy in your body. Beyond a new age mystery, acupuncture has scientific basis and research merit. There are many studies that support the effects of acupuncture, and the World Health Organization has endorsed it for numerous conditions.  For most people, acupuncture is immediately equated with needles, but there are other options.  For young children and patients who are weary of,  or sensitive to needles,  I will use a cold laser or handheld micro current device to stimulate the meridian points instead of using needles.  A cold laser is a cohesive beam of light that is able to stimulate the cells around an acupuncture point. Both acupuncture with needles and acupuncture with a cold laser are effective and painless,  and can effect the flow of energy in the body which helps to regulate many of the body’s systems.

Breathing optimally is a cornerstone of my work and another way I regulate energy.  One of the main things YOU can do right this second that will help you regulate your energy flows is to fully and deeply BREATHE. Optimal health does not just depend on your thoughts,  how perfect your diet is,  or taking a particular supplement or herb.  Although all that can help, it is your breath and how you breathe that ultimately influences your energy.  A true breath starts in the belly and moves upward toward the heart.  Like water fills a vase, your breath should fill in the bottom of your belly first.  If you notice that you are not breathing optimally, it is probably because your midsection or chest feel tight. A key part of my work in your session will be releasing the tight diaphragms and muscles that are preventing you from full, optimal breathing.  This is a very liberating experience that sets the foundation for healing. Reconnecting with proper breathing, along with a tailored acupuncture treatment, is one reason my patients often find that even after one session, many of their pains or issues begin to permanently resolve.  I aim to teach all of my patients a new understanding of the basic energy flows in their bodies because it is the key to power in the present moment.

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