“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”
Teilhard de Chardin

Honoring your spirit is as important as prescribing the correct remedy or treatment.  The first step in healing may be to in essence to “call your spirit back” since much of the imbalance comes from disconnecting from our spirits in someway.

Are you worried and overwhelmed.  Tired, weary, frustrated?  Have you experienced a great deal of stress recently and just don’t feel like yourself? Do you recall a time when you felt happy energized and connected to who you are and what you long for and love to do? 

If you feel anything less than peace, you may have left a part of yourself behind along the way. When disconnected from your spirit-healing is a struggle and nothing seems to help.
During our session I will help you get in touch with your spirit in a gentle, empowering and non-threatening manner.  Once connected with your spirit-you may become aware of unhealthy connections or cords of entanglement that are draining your energy. These cords are often connected to something in the past, an experience or a person in your life.  These cords may be connected or causing chaos in one or more areas of your energy field like an invisible wound or splinter.  Once identified-I will help to remove, clear and repair these areas in a gentle, empowering and non threatening way with you. Freeing yourself from these entanglements is a powerful step in reconnecting you to your healing process.

I truly believe that we heal most deeply and permanently when we are a part of our process.  Too often “healers’ will project onto a person their interpretation of what is happening energetically or perhaps what has happened in a past life and leave people feeling broken or only restored if they have the other party “work” on them (often at a costly fee).  There are true healers that can access more unseen realms and can help clear karmic cords at a deeper level don’t get me wrong.  I personally believe that most people need to become a part of the process for true healing to occur.

These are the 3 main methods I use to help you access your spirit in progression so that you can begin the journey of opening up to your experience of energy work.

Awareness Release Technique

Heart and Core-Centered Reconnection

Therapeutic Imaging & Journeying

Awareness release technique is a method I have developed to help you simply become aware of the good things in your life and where your feelings about that reside in your body.  This is your place of power.  Getting in touch with where this is in the body helps you understand what is energizing you and is important to you.

Close your eyes and be still….breathe deeply as if filling your belly with breath, like water fills a vase.   How do you feel being you?  Whats good in your life?  How does it make you feel?  Where do you feel all of that good in your body?  Breathe it in.

What is not good in your life?  How does that make you feel?  Where do you feel that in your body? 

Next-we will explore what is not good in your life and where those stresses are being felt in your body.  This helps me understand which modality will be most helpful for you.  It may be acupuncture, homeopathy or energy clearing. Homeopathy can be helpful to activate the vital force that reminds our bodies of the intelligence and pharmacy we have inside ourselves.  Flower essences can communicate with the emotional pattern or piece that may be more stuck like betrayal, guilt or resentment. When the body is less encumbered with emotional pain-generally someone can experience more joy, more peace and that is food for the spirit.  Acupuncture can help activate and release emotional tension in the affected organs and make space for some of the joy to return.

Heart & Core Centered Reconnection is a guided visualization I have created that helps identify how supported you are from within by the 5 elements that define us as beings in this experience.  Rebuilding and restoring of essential nature-thru nature is a key part of this healing technique I have developed.  From this visualization, my patients receive great insight as to the deeper level of what resources they need to cultivate.  Practices for self-healing are introduced thru this work.  Do you need more water?  Are you burned out (no fire)?  Are you Grounded and connected to the earth?

Therapeutic Imaging and Journeying is a guided imagery technique that I employ with roots in both Shamanic Journeying and traditional, non-projective communication work.  This method of objective, supportive dialogue can help a patient discover deeper connections and layers of an issue that move beyond superficial understanding and perception. This perspective can in essence shed light on the dilemma or larger healing challenge and offer another approach for resolve.  A key aspect of this work is connecting to one’s life experience from a perspective outside this reality.   Like watching one’s life from a movie screen, journeying can move us beyond our ordinary associations and provide a more archetypical view of our experiences.  Often a wise and knowledgeable part of oneself called the Inner Physician or Guide may appear to assist in the healing process thru direct insight or specific information that is revealed.  Once established, this connection can shed light on the deeper lessons or more important needs of a patient’s healing plan and work with me to resolve deeper, soul layers of trauma, contracts or karma that need to be cleared.

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