The Feminine Reconnection-Fertility Massage

The Feminine Reconnection-Fertility Massage

The Feminine Reconnection-Fertility Massage, Self Care & Healing For Women – 6 CEU’S

Dr.Deanine integrative fertility massageThis course is ideal for all women.  Those who are practitioners who would like to learn how to more deeply support women and women wishing to know more about themselves.  This class will present tools for self care and self awareness as it relates to any woman in various stages of her “fertility” (the event of menstruation).  Learn how each stage of womanhood and the menses offers a unique opportunity for self reflection and deeper self care.  With this understanding, practitioners can more specifically direct their treatments to have the most benefit for their clients.  For lay persons, learn how to set energetic boundaries and sustain your own energy during their menses and lifetime as a woman.

*  Explore the historical and cultural traditions of honoring the menstrual cycle and where we are in modern culture today.  What has been lost and how to reconnect to the wisdom of your ancestors.
*  Learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, uterus, menstrual cycle and its associated 4 phases and how it relates to the lunar cycle and phases of the moon.
*  Discover the specific needs at each phase so you can better support the flows
of energy in the body with specific foods, herbs, supplements, essential oils and self care practices.
*  Understand the correlative relationships that may be encountered with each
stage of the menses such as migraine, back pain, sciatica, water retention stress, and fatigue and PMS and skin issues.
*  Learn how to make a castor oil pack, what treatment methods may be beneficial at each phase and how to support the body with abdominal massage, breathing techniques, detoxification strategies and yoga stretches.
*  Discover ways to naturally prepare the body for pregnancy, re-balance after pregnancy and transition into menopause.


Saturday-April 22, 2023
Saturday-July 15th, 2023

6 CEUS for Massage Therapists FL
6 CEUS for Acupuncturists FL
FL Provider#50-496
NCBTMB Approved Provider#451384-10

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6 CEUS for Massage Therapists Homestudy-Available $75