Sarasota acupuncture


 “Healing is a matter of time, but is also a matter of opportunity.”
– Hippocrates

Have you been given your opportunity to heal?  Do you know how to harness and direct your energy for healing?  Because health issues today have many dimensions, getting to the root of the problems is so important.  Many things can easily overwhelm our systems.  Traumatic events, physical and emotional stress, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, hidden pathogens, family disease patterns and food sensitivities are some of the lesser known but strong contributors to why people don’t feel well.  Even though we have made up our minds to feel better- and despite our best efforts-the body may not have the resources to let go and transform the stored stress and toxins from the past without help.

If you are looking for a practitioner that can help you sort thru the overwhelm and help you get a clear healing plan, Dr. Deanine can help and welcomes the opportunity to work with you in the following areas of specialty:

What ever condition you face or history you have with your body, the most powerful moment you have is the present. When people bring all of their focus and awareness into the present, healing begins to occur. When you listen to your body and its symptoms, what message is it giving you?  Tapping into the messages and harnessing your healing potential is one of the core goals of my work.  Together, we communicate with the wise physician you have inside of you to bring forth the healing and awareness about you and build from that foundation.