GI MAP-Gastrointestinal Health Test





The seat of health is in the gut.  Adults and children today suffer from chronic autoimmune disorders,  bloat, abdominal discomfort, chronic skin issues, allergies, behavioral and mood disorders and more.  These all have a direct relationship to the health of the gut, micobial environment and digestion.

It is vital to find out if you have leaky gut, candida, parasites and or other microbial imbalance while embarking on a healing plan.

This test will determine your ratios of ideal gut flora and how your immune system is functioning and if you have a possible gluten sensitivity.
Identify harmful bacteria, viruses and protoza that undermine the healing plan.

This test measures for the following:
*Digestion sufficiency
*Leaky gut syndrome
*Yest, bacteria, viral, protozoan, parasite infection
*Ratio and levels of healthy gut bacteria
*Calprotectin and Secretory IgA

This requires a stool sample.

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