Do You Know Your Blood Type? It Will Simplify Your Life

I got a phone call on a Tuesday morning. It was like many I have heard before. “ Hi my name is Lynn, I got your info from my friend– she said you might be able to help me in some problems I have been having for the past year. My doctors think I may have an autoimmune disorder. They can’t find anything conclusive after running lot’s of tests, but I have lots of issues with my skin and digestion. I’m, really scared. I have gone off gluten and become vegetarian and I just don’t know what to eat or what to do. The medications they gave me have made me sick and gain weight. I can’t sleep. I don’t know what to do!”

“That sounds like a lot to go thru. Let’s start at the beginning. Do you know your blood type?” I ask.

“Ah no I don’t – I have no idea- do you think my doctor knows it? She says with surprise.

“They should have it in your records, you can ask but it’s likely they don’t, but try anyway. Don’t worry; I can test it when you are in my office. It takes 5 minutes and doesn’t hurt at all – I just need a small drop of blood and we can get a result right then” I assure her.

“Ok – How will that help me?” She asks with suspicion.

“It will definitely give us a place to begin. There are 4 blood types and knowing yours will tell you and I a lot about you. It’s your genetic blueprint the key to understanding and how your body reacts to foods, your susceptibility to disease and what your nutritional needs and weakness are. It’s like knowing what gas to put in your car.” I say.

“Ok, that makes sense actually-when can I come in? I really need to start feeling better.”

Knowing what your blood type is the most important thing you will need to know about your health. In 1966, Dr D’Adamo after carrying on the work of his father Dr. Joseph D’Adamo published his book-“Eat right for your type“. (Click here to purchase) This introduced the world to the conversation of blood type and the role it plays in health. He described the concept of lectins-proteins contained in foods and how each person’s body responds to them.

Each person’s blood type determines how he or she is genetically programmed to respond to foods. Foods incompatible with your blood type will cause blood to agglutinate or clump. This clumping interferes with digestion, metabolism and immunity and gives rise to the most minimal to the most chronic health problems. Many “food sensitivities” and allergies resolve and skin issues clear up with correct blood type strategies. Weight stabilizes and chronic problems disappear. Each blood type has nutritional needs as well.

For Instance:

  • Blood Type B needs more magnesium than calcium.
  • Blood Type O needs more calcium and tends to have the need for more animal based protein, which they can digest.
  • Blood Type A produces less stomach acids so they need to mind their digestion.
  • AB is the newest blood type and needs a lot of immune support to prevent slow growing viral or bacterial infections.

Each of the 4-blood types-O, A, B and AB has an ancestral story and is distinct to the evolution of man centuries ago as we moved from Neanderthal to modern man. As we moved from hunter gathers who were blood type O to cultivating grains the blood type A emerged. The intermingling produced B. Parents pass the blood type on to their children. This is often the reason one child takes after a particular parent-because they share the same blood type. For instance mother and father blood types of O will produce an O. An O and an A can produce an O and an A. This was introduced by Mendel.

What you can do now to start the journey:

  • If you don’t know it for certain here is what you can do to find out: Call your doctor, child’s pediatrician or midwife. It’s a good place to start worth a try.
  • Next time you have blood work done ask the doctor to do a screen for you.
  • If you are having a baby-be sure to request it at the newborn screening.
  • Donate Blood.
  • Order a blood type kit  (click here to purchase) (This will be easier for grown ups or older consenting children because 4 drops of blood the size of a grape seed are needed)
  • Contact me to have it checked in the office. (Click here to contact Dr. Deanine)

People are forever arguing the benefits or superiority of one dietary philosophy over another. Raw, vegan, paleo, GAPS, fasting, juicing, cleansing the choices are endless. Before adopting a strict dietary philosophy or extreme healing regime with you or your child. Start by understanding you’re the needs of your blueprint. You may just find out what combo works best for you and let yourself in on a little secret. You probably already knew what made you feel good or just need the affirmation and fine-tuning to point you in the right direction.


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