Genetic testing-Functional Foundations





Determining Genetic Propensities-
A Road Map for Health, Vitality and Prevention of Disease

Determining which supplements, lifestyle habits and selfcare is simplified by understanding your genetics.

The test is a saliva collection.  Can be done on individuals of all ages.

View Sample Reports Here:
Sleep Report
Mood Report
Cardiovascular Report
Nutrition Report
Fitness & Hormone report
Immunity & Inflammation Report

For instance, why do certain individuals benefit from turmeric and some do not?
Why do some people have a family history of cancer and what nutritional, dietary and lifestyle choices are vital to prevent it?

Would you like to know why your child, spouse or partner has a temper or responds poorly to pressure, sugar and stress.

Its in the genes.  Some individuals have had genetic testing (especially after a cancer diagnosis) however they still lack direction on how to support the body thru diet and nutrition, self care and supplementation. Many of the genes tested in Western medicine do not provide insight on your detoxification pathways, how you metabolize estrogen or what neurotransmitters you need support with.  Gathering this information is vital.

A kit will be mailed to you with a prepaid return envelope.  After 7-11 days your custom reports will be available.  Included with your report is a follow up summary and supplement recommendations with Dr. Deanine.

*Patients in Costa Rica or other countries may incur an additional shippng fee.

What Your Report Says About You: Reading Your Report

The DNA Test is broken down in easy to read sections. Genes, risk level, risk profile and description, suggested supplements & dietary suggestions to support your personal genetic makeup. A full summary of your  Genes relating to the following:

*Detoxification and Methylation of toxins in the body and Liver
*Estrogen Metabolisim
*Fat Metabolisim, optimal diet, vitamin D needs and bone health
*Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Health
*Sleep, Adrenal and Hormone Health

DIET DO’S & DON’TS Depending on your risk level, and the gene being assessed you will find Do’s and Don’t in regards to lifestyle choices and dietary support.

Taking Action

You cannot change your genes, but the expression of the genes can be impacted by environmental factors, such as nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors that can impact your health.  This is called “Epigenetics”.  For more info I recommend the book-“Dirty Genes” by Dr. Ben Lynch.


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