NutraEval-Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation




Do you have adequate levels of basic life supporting vitamins?
Do you know what you are lacking and how your body detoxifies and manages cholesterol, toxins and neurotransmitters?

Do you have the need for digestive support or to address a microbial imbalance?

This is my baseline functional medicine test I recommend to get an accurate picture of your health and to understand your unique system.
It is recommended to do when considering multivitamin supplements for greater accuracy of prescription or to evaluate changes and nutrient levels.
This test requires a blood draw, urine and cheek swab.

Information regarding vitamins A, B, C, E, antioxidants, Alpha Lipoic acid, Co Q10. Glutathione, toxic metals, amino acids, Omega 3:6 ratio and Vitamin D.  Also includes an organic acids panel indicating detoxification, microbial imbalance, oxalates, detoxification efficiency and more.  Heavy metals Lead, mercury, cadmium are also measured.
See Sample Report.

There is a version of this test that does not require a blood draw and is a urine Collection only.  This is what I frequently recommend for children. It will not provide an accurate measurement of Heavy Metal Toxicity.  For Children-an additional Hair Analysis is recommended to test toxic metals/minerals.


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